Crossing the Rubicon


“What is that yammering from the north?” Cory looks upward in desperate supplication to whoever is producing this bizarre drama, and says, “I am so tired, looking at the same trees hour after hour, while these critters mess with my mind again and again without mercy.”


Cory finally drifts off to sleep. He hears a voice in the woods, in his dream, he sees an image of a shrouded face in the woods, telling him, almost in a whisper, “in order to extract the master from the nether dimensions, you must first precipitate the oracle … then the oracle will give disclosure of the series of clues leading to the yantra, and thus reaping the extraction of the master from the ethereal quagmire…..”

Cory makes a communiqué via cell phone to Hans, for the first time, and said, “First it was a yantra, and now we gotta find something or someone called the ‘Oracle.’”


“What? I told you not to call until you found it,”

“Oracle, that’s what they are saying.”

“Who is they?”

“I wouldn’t call them “they” if I knew who they were! “They” are the voices in the woods, mostly in my dreams, I think, at least that is what I remembered when I woke up. I hear strange cries, like cat screams in my waking; I think that’s what it is.”

“Ok, find the oracle or whatever friggen thing that turns the spicket into a portal, so we can usher the master, tired of all this mumbo jumbo, just do it!”


“Ok boss, I’m yer “can do” kind of guy — I’ve been sitting in the fricken woods, with bugs crawling all over me, and wild animals screaming at night, losing my mind night and day, for days on end! That’s what you call friggen on the edge of bedlam psychosis! … sorry boss, having a really bad day.”

** *

Sreejinn broke from his meditation while sitting at the dreamland circle as a voice from the shadows whispered a desperate plea, “I’m in two places at the same time, here in dreamworld and I’m stuck in the middle of some woods behind the house of Harrison. I don’t know why I see through these disgusting tiny eyes, so low to the ground, and all these trees, trees and more trees, and these infernal cats, so grotesque, Let me remain in this transparent ghost body for a thousand years, anything but this woodland abomination, I can’t take it much longer!


Sreejinn intervenes and finds the blackman cowering behind a rock and he tells blackman, “I also have a dual existence, here and in the woods. I sit high in a tree and look through eyes of a magnificent feathered creature, I live both in my interminable earthly body, and also temporarily in another body, that of a hawk in this case, a most noble bird. It is a called a “walk-in,” the sharing of one’s subtle mind in another body … it’s like the movie “beastmaster,” Sreejinn said laughing. “you know the movie?”

“No,” groaned the blackman, “in my prior earthly existence, in the Fatherland, I was fond of American movies, watched them every night, mostly Westerns, I must have missed this ‘Beastmaster’ movie.”

“This doesn’t mean I’m the bird, rather, I see through the senses of the hawk, it’s my spirit entering the other body and co- habiting with the owner of that body, who hosts me for a while. You’ll get over it, don’t worry blackman.”

“So, how am I to incarnate into this world?” queried the blackman, “this Hans guy was that yogi, and now he has to do his duty, we made the pact years ago in another life, and somehow he is supposed to manipulate the elements and karma of my destiny, so that I will enter into the flesh of my old personality of the fuehrer and lead my men in the new world of supremacy.”

“Yes. I know, I was there at the Kumba-mala all those years ago, I know of your pact with Hans. This is a mystic yogi’s attempt at “crossing the Rubicon” of the karma law, something audaciously never done before. The attempt to change another’s karma and alter his destiny of flesh incarnation in the life, normally something way, way beyond anyone’s control. Such an attempt to alter the cosmic fabric of cause and effect, to jump start the universal laws, to alter the destiny that’s ”written in stone” and re-write the stringent laws of fate … that’s a pretty brash project to undertake.”


More of this in “Katz of Hinterland”  a novel –

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