“Holden Caulfield once said….”


Remember, it’s not the words, it’s the silence of the gaps between the words … therein lies one’s profundities.


“Holden Caulfield once said….”

“You mean the Holden in the ‘Catcher in the Rye’ novel?”


“That’s right,” said Jeb, “he said that sometimes you read this really great book and you wish you were friends with the author, and wish you could call him up on the phone and talk with him … well, I kind of wish that now…”

“This is dreamland, Jeb, the land where all wishes come true,” said Jehrom. “Just like how we can fly in the air sometimes, in our regular dreams, and do anything we want, like do really bizarre things. Well, this is a state of cognizant dreamland, where we can consciously and willfully do things that are pretty off the wall, so give that a try … won’t hurt nothing.”

At that moment a portion of the dreamland sky turned into a giant monitor screen, right above the sea, as Jeb and Jehrom were sitting on their log seats, around the campfire, on the edge of the cliff. Then a keyboard appeared upon a desk that suddenly dreamized right in front of Jeb.


“This is your dreamland internet,” said Jehrom. “You can surf all over that dream sea, on that monitor, all you want. You can email anyone you want, even authors who are deceased, or still living.”

Jeb upturned his fingers and cracked them slightly and placed them over the keyboard with a dramatic flair … sort of like how he saw Mozart do on his piano, in the “Amadeus” movie. Then he began typing letters in the search box, on the dreamland browser in the sky. The search box spelled out, “JD Salinger” and he pressed the enter button. Presto!, there appeared in the Google sky screen, the Wikipedia website of JD Salinger, with all his books, and many articles written about him. Jeb clicked the contact button, and his dreamland email address appeared. Jeb pushed the composition button and began to type.

“Dear Mr. Salinger, big fan, loved your ‘Catcher in the Rye’ book, and many other books as well. In ‘Franny and Zooey’ you wrote that passage about the method of chanting mantras on beads, called ‘japa’ which is something I’m trying lately. Well, not to take too much of your time, If you could give me some retrospective wisdom on life, that would make my day … uh, rather make my night … my dream night. Fan always, Jeb.”

Moments later, Jeb got this reply;

“Dear Jeb, love ya fans. Don’t worry, I’m working up a big fat answer sending soon, perhaps now or later, sometimes making big answer takes long time, Ugh, kemo sabe, brain waves operate veddy slowly, veddy independently, but exceedingly fine, cannot be prodded along, circuit synappis fires whens they decides to fire — answers to great riddle of life — getting that you will … [Yoda rules!] Remember, it’s not the words, it’s the silence of the gaps between the words … therein lies one’s profundities.


“Inspired email, directly from the heavens, coming forthwith — accompanied by dazzling flashing in the sky and loud reports on the horizon — and of course, there’s the loud shouting from all directions, cause it’s never over, until the shouting begins, and the fat lady sings, of course…

“Plus news of the never ending saga of Sir Sreejinn, and his noble Knight, Sir Jehromji,


“Keeping one’s eyeball adhered to the screen, like a fly on fecal matter, one stays tuned into the great comput god, just now signing out … this hombre keeping you posted on singular post … [how’s one keep self affixed to one’s post, me asks?] 10 / 4, yours truly, JD.”

“Well, that makes perfect sense,” said Jeb as Jehrom surveyed him with a blank expression.

“Right, everything makes eventual sense here in dreamland. All puzzle pieces will fit together … in due course of time.”

“Who is Sir Sreejinn?”


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