Tolkien in Hinterland


Tolkien appears in Hinterland


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“What author shall I call from the nethers tonight?”

Jeb pushes a button and the sky monitor pops up over the Pacific ocean. “Lord of the Rings has crossed my mind a few times,” said Jeb as he keys “tolkien” into the search box and presses “enter.” Up pops Wikipedia’s page on JRR Tolkien and Jeb pecks the email button and sends a message:


My dear JRR Tolkien, thanks so much for your wonderful literary contributions to mankind. I understand you had a writer’s club in England, called the “Inklings” where you and CS Lewis and your buddies knocked back a few pints and talked about books and writing, and you once said that myth is not a lie, that the realities of life are illuminated thru the works of fiction. I always wanted to know the analogous tidbits that lay behind the myth of Lord of the Rings, and so if you could give me a few pointers on how the saga relates to the real world, well, I would be grateful … hoping the after-life’s treated you well, your great admirer, Jeb.

He quickly received an email answer; “Thanks my dear Jeb for the concern” wrote Tolkien, “and the afterlife is so nice, I’m more alive than ever before.”

As if Tolkien had anticipated the question, he answered without hesitation, “Lord of the Rings can be seen to be a humongous similarity to the real world.


“You know, I really like little people like the hobbits and elves, who live in harmony with nature, being content with simple living, working with animals, feeling the earth under their feet, breathing the country air, free from a passionate life of the city, free from the slave masters. And I really hate the bullies of this world … some are orcs in expensive suits.


“This is like the happy little people of earth, who simply want a normal life with simple pleasures, feeling the love for trees and grassy hills and clear streams and lakes. But the big bullies insist they sacrifice the trees and pure water for “progress” which gives them no benefit, and the little people must fight their trumped up wars and create mounds of dead bodies. I notice from observing the modern entertainment of movies and TV … yes, I see these things from the spirit world … that there’s dead bodies on every channel, like it’s normal life to see some mutilated corpse every time ya flick on the telly. Also, I’ve seen such bizarre group behavior on these daytime shows, yes, I was unfortunate enough to see one of these shows, as a spirit bystander. Well, the audience goes into a screaming frenzy whenever some guy on stage mentions the human reproductive organs in some joking way, it’s unbelievable how they go bananas and scream in unison over such disgusting mental pictures … what has happened to the human race?!


“Anyway, back to Sauron, who is the ultimate big bully, who has this huge flaming eye in the air, always spying on the little people, because he has no life. His inner vision is not a pretty picture, he hates what he sees, and so he feeds like a vampire on the blood and carnage of others. Everything Sauron touches with his greed for power turns to fecal matter. The land and air and water are polluted by his touch, and his orcs are as ugly as his soul, their only mettle is to slaughter and leave mounds of corpses rotting in the sun, which is always blotted out by dark clouds. He and his minions are black to the core of their souls, and so they feed on the living to get sordid pleasures, just like the modern warmongers and child molesters do. Sauron is obsessed with complete control of his sick world, making sure every last soul is `forced into slavery, totally squashed under his thumb. But he gets no fulfillment, despite his wealth and power. The super rich are like Sauron, despite their treasures, their lives remain as empty shells, and more and more is never enough. They exploit the living essence of others. They, like Sauron, spend all energy to control and feel this thing called absolute power. This is the war which is always raging within the material world, which of the trilogy reflects.”


After appreciating the author’s words, Jeb inquired, “Knowing that the oppressed are many and the oppressors are few, so how do we stop the unfair nature of exploitation, after being aware of it? It is the majority, which is being cheated. We’ve had our revolts and ideologies, like Jack London and his “Iron Heel” realizations, and it seems to go on and on, what is to be done?”


JRR replied, “I don’t know for sure, it seems that the war mongers and tyrants always flourish. Revolutions seem to work for a short while, but nothing really changes for good. The new boss is the same as the old boss [to borrow a quote] and they who rise to power are quickly corrupted, their ideologies quickly fade, as good sense is soon eclipsed by absolute power, which speedily dilutes their philosophical acumen. Thus the earthly realm is always divided between forces of good and evil, because the sufferings of the world is always based on misunderstandings of how a human being is supposed to conduct his dealings with his fellow man. Just as most marital quarrels are erroneously based on some minor misunderstanding, in a similar fashion, all conflict and dissension in our world is solely and categorically established upon basic philosophical misunderstandings, which are the multifarious categories of illusion that plague the human race. This is known to the wise, who are few, and a great mystery to the masses of disillusioned humans who perpetrate the perpetual disharmonies within our human society. And thus the negative qualities of mankind, such as betrayal, greed, avarice, etc., are recycled over and over throughout the histories of a war-torn world.


“That’s sort of the permanent nature of this class of this planet earth, always constant strife and war, and life is much better in the higher realm, the upper planets. There is a way to ascend to the higher planets, and leave the war-torn planet behind, and it isn’t done by brute force or spacecraft or any amount of conniving or manipulation, or any of the illusory categories of cheating found here on this planet. It is done by unity of will with the higher source, and accord with those who control our destiny according to our worth earned on earth. These are the things we learn on the other side, they become very clear here on the higher plane, in the higher planets where everybody knows the simple truths of all these questions, which are immeasurable enigmas to the ill-fated earthlings who are stumbling and groping in the dark.


“They think power is happiness but they are extremely deluded, like a deer searching for water in a desert, chasing a mirage until collapsing from exhaustion. If the earth were ever to suddenly became a utopia, where all men were equally happy, it would seem that we all died and we all went to god’s heaven, for that is the only way it could ever happen, it seems. Meanwhile the fight continues, and the virtuous will never surrender to tyrants. Thanks again, tired of typing on this modern gadget called the internet … best wishes, truly JRR.”

Now that’s what I’m Tolkien about!


More of this in “Katz of Hinterland”  a novel –

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