Quest for Father Time

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The Quest for Father Time


Chapter 5 of “Rory’s Chemical Incarceration”


[Skipping over chapters 3 and 4 and will come back to them later]

“Well, ok, now is the time for our daily buddy trek,” said Rory, “we will go with Sir Isaac today.”


And so they begin their buddy trek, Sir Isaac and Rory, and they commence to traipse off into the trees near the southern wall. After long philosophical discussions, they decide to search for the biggest problem of earthly existence, and it came to them that the great problem was “TIME,” as Rory said;


“What is the biggest problem or inconvenience to human life?”

“It is time,” said Sir Isaac, “time takes everything away, time is the culprit that makes a youthful body turn withered and sapped, reddish auburn hair is turned to grey, memory to forgetfulness … time must be stopped … why, without time, all our joys and delights will not have to cease and desist, without time, we shall play with jolly delights in sunlit meadows without a care, perpetual bliss, flowers forever blooming, yes, time takes it all away…”

“Therefore we shall go forth into the ends of the world,” said Rory, “and find Father Time, and conquer him … and make this world without a beginning or end … yes, that is what we shall do!”


Isaac nodded in consent, but flashed a brief look of futile reservation.

So, they commence to travel around the edges of the perimeter walls, through dense bushes and low hanging trees, and low branches which appeared to be holding some great weight, and suddenly Rory sees a vision before him, a landscape of clocks melting on sticks and branches, and then he says to Isaac, “Here is the masterpiece painting of Salvador Dali’s “Persistence of Memory” right before our eyes! This is an omen of great significance!”


Sir Isaac cranes his neck and squints his eyes to see, and with faked exaggeration said, “Yes my Lord Rory, it does appear that timepieces are melting upon the branches of trees, which signifies a rejection, in Dali’s mind, of a rigid or deterministic view of time. We also see limp and twisted time-measuring-pieces laying all about, on the ground, being devoured by ants!”


“Yes,” said Rory, “time can certainly be bent, by one who knows, or time can be reversed into slow-motion, if controlled in the hands of an expert timeologist, or it can be spun fast forward, it is not rigid or deterministic as most people believe — and there be ants feasting upon father TIME himself! However, that’s only figurative and not realistic – because, a mere swarm of ants can’t kill the great one, no, not He who kills billions and giga-trillions of living bodies in this material world … every day! If anyone can stop time, it will be us, Sir Isaac. Let us continue our quest to curtail Father Time and stop the untimely demise of all living beings….!”


And so, Rory and Sir Isaac, they go in search for Father Time … and as they walk about the perimeters of the asylum gardens, they board a celestial boat, that sails high into the sky amongst the billowing clouds … and down below there be many a farmer who watched them sail near the edge of the world,

ivbmageswhere the arctic sun rests atop a snow-swept mountain peak to the west, causing a great reddish glow all about the azure sky, and the seas below lay stiff and frozen, covered with a white foam, and reddish-blue ice sculptures … one of which portrayed Father Time’s petrified face, which seemed to be a white statue, frozen in time, his placid lips reflecting a lapis-tinted aura shining from the vaults of heaven….


….  And then they see a clock-shaped fortress in the distance, beyond the purple mist, beyond the seven great hills, and as they travel towards Time’s mansion, their skin becomes wrinkled and dry, their heads of hair sprout out with an ashen grey, their skin became like a reptile, their voices grew hoarse and crackling, and they hobbled on weak and arthritic legs, giving way from the slight weight of their skin-and-bone bodies, and thus they grab branches from the withered ground, to be used for canes, and they hobbled forward on three legs, inch by inch, in great determination to reach Father Time …

….. and then they hear a loud ominous sound, like thunder and lightening flashing through black clouds that covered the sky, and then a huge voice boomed out of the clouds: “Time I am, destroyer of the worlds!!!”


“Those are the words Robert Oppenheimer used to describe the great mushroom cloud of fire,” said Sir Isaac, “when they detonated the first atomic bomb!”

“This Oppenheimer blurb is so hackneyed!” said Rory, “everybody credits the “Bobber Opie dude” for the quote … but the real original speaker of the quote is Lord Krishna, the divine speaker of Bhagavad-Gita!

Rory and Sir Isaac look at each other and they see each other as two old men standing there, all stooped over, with barely enough skin to cover their bones, and their sunken eyes told them that they appeared to be animated skeletons, and then together they declared, “Lord Sri Krishna, King of kings, we surrender unto You, He Who is Time Himself, we surrender unto Your Lotus Feet!


Suddenly they saw their bodies taking back their youthful luster and looking into each other’s eyes, they cried simultaneously; “It is a matter of consciousness!”



“…But this covering of Maya may be of very, very, very, very long duration, therefore many creations are coming and going. Due to this long period of time it is sometimes said that we are ever-conditioned. But his long duration of time becomes very insignificant when one actually comes to Krsna consciousness. Just like in a dream we are thinking very long time, but as soon as we awaken we look at our watch and see it has been a moment only…” from- “Crow and Tal Fruit Logic”

The Cosmos is like bubbles in the sea-

Srila Prabhupada: “Just like everything material… Bhutva bhutva praliyate [Bg. 8.19]. It appears for some time like bubbles in the ocean, few seconds. Again finished. The whole cosmic manifestation in which we are millions and millions of years, it is just like a bubble in the ocean. It is just like a bubble. Bhutva bhutva praliyate [Bg. 8.19]. It is said in the Bhagavad-gita.”    << Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.5.23 —  Vrndavana, August 4, 1974

“Crow and Tal Fruit Logic,” wherein Srila Prabhupada says: “We never had any occasion when we were separated from Krsna. Just like one man is dreaming and he forgets himself. In dream he creates himself in different forms: now I am the King discussing like that. This creation of himself is as seer and subject matter or seen, two things. But as soon as the dream is over, the ‘seen’ disappears. But the seer remains. Now he is in his original position.”

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Excerpt from novel-

As the sun settled once again, and shadows crept around the woods, Sanjay inquired,    “Dearest hawk by name of Shree, you have narrated to us about these fairy-tale wonders of something called the nexus … so, what is this thing called the nexus?

Shree said, “Ah, the nexus, the big picture, that’s the question, that’s why we’re here, to see the big picture and follow the path to the nexus.”

Shree paused and began humming a catchy tune, with a animated sense of intense joy.

“I recognize that tune,” said Sanjay, “I hear it frequently when I remote-view the house by the beach, it plays often on the record player. I believe it’s from the famous 9th symphony of Beethoven, the “Ode to Joy.”

“Quite right—you clever cat … this tune always perks me up, makes me feel the bliss,” said Shree. “Life is all about feeling and living in joy and bliss. Men have many concepts about how to procure this highly sought commodity called “euphoria,” and do I know it. This I know from my many eons of living with men. They always tend to shortchange themselves with holding on to insignificant thrills and shunning perpetual happiness.

“The big picture means that we look beyond this short life, we look beyond the stars, beyond all suns and planets, and see the whole enchilada, the huge spiritual galaxy out there, full of effulgent planets … I call it the nexus, borrowing the nomenclature from the star trek movie “Generations.” The nexus in the film was a place in the cosmic ribbon, in which once being there, and made to leave, one can only think of how to get back to this nexus, and nothing else … because within the nexus, all desires are instant reality, and time has no meaning. There one holds dear, the deepest longing of his soul, and time does not take it away.

“And there is another way to get to the nexus without blowing up a star, that sends shock waves into space, wiping out planets and millions of life forms, like the bad guy in the movie tried to do. Some seek the path and read the manual given by the descended teachers, and trod that path and attain there, ah, the place of no anxiety, no time or death, all is beauty and plenty for all, no need to fight over possessions … the nexus has many names written in history, such as Paradise, Brahman, Eden, Nirvana, Celestial Kingdom, Shangri-La, Paravyoma, Goloka Vrndavana, Spiritual World, Heaven and so on. And you don’t have to die first, in order to get there, it can be had with a change of consciousness, from material to spiritual, with the aid of a teacher, and some reach the nexus even while living in this material body. Everyone wants the nexus, but most think it’s just a fairytale for kids. Some prefer to stay here in the merry-go- round place of being born again and again … and again, fighting for transitory toys.

“Katz of Hinterland”  a novel –



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    Seems like yesterday I was playing with my GI-Joe army toys … now I’m an old man whose big decision is “what pill do I take next?” what is this thing called time? Anyway, this is one of my favorite posts, which is about time and Salvadore Dali imagery, it is duly re-cycled for those who may have missed it: ☺

    “It is time,” said Sir Isaac, “time takes everything away, time is the culprit that makes a youthful body turn withered and sapped, reddish auburn hair is turned to grey, memory to forgetfulness … time must be stopped … why, without time, all our joys and delights will not have to cease and desist, without time, we shall play with jolly delights in sunlit meadows without a care, perpetual bliss, flowers forever blooming, yes, time takes it all away…”

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