Einstein and the Golden Ratio


“Bubbles in the Sea” Part Three


A Schizoid patient sits in his lawn chair, sipping a cup of tea. Gazing across the expansive institutional lawn, he notes the numerous eucalyptus trees that dot the scintillating landscape. Rory just received his daily dose of medication, and they are kicking havoc into his brain. They squeeze his brain like a vise, and legions of ghosts and hobgoblins swirl about his head, and vile shrieks echo from infernos of the damned. The meds render him mindless and befuddled, lost at sea, and all he can do, is to hang his head down and stare at the grass surrounding his chair. When his wits sharpen a bit, he mind-plays his favorite drama fantasy, “the exploits of Shrevatar, queen of the purple ants.”

surreal paradise

He often wonders to himself, “why is my head clear before the meds – then as soon as the pills are forced down my throat, it’s bedlam voices and ghostly hallucinations all over the place!

… And my friend Adam, he told me to cheek the pills, hide them behind my teeth and spit them out later … but they trapped me in my subterfuge, alas! They shoved them down my throat, and suddenly it’s fiendish voices, ringing in my ears galore! And the monks who visit me, they come in their orange robes every week, giving me books and food, and they tell me that I don’t belong here, something is very, very wrong!”

A bird’s awkward flight nabbed his attention, reminding him of his three dear compadres, and so he yearns for his three amigos to appear! At the next moment, they are standing there in the flesh, like they just popped out of the thin air and materialized upon the lawn, appearing to be all tangled up in green. They come with gifts of incense, and two of them are dancing all about, twirling and leaping high into the air. They revel in bliss, dancing in time to a Mozart minuet blaring through humongous speakers, mounted on the granite walls of a cracker-jack palace. That palace is the very one of which the celebrated coo-coo bird flew so gracefully over…

… the third gent frantically propels his wheelchair by thrusting his wheelchair forward with raw hands and aching muscles, round and round the wheels go, his hands are weary and sore. His disposition is raw and testy, with a constant complaint that no one will help him, a poor helpless invalid, and push his wheelchair a little, give the cripple a break now and then. He has to do everything himself….

…. and thus Rory greets his three friends as they approach his chair, and they are locking horns as always, as this is what they do every day, jockeying for his undivided attention, as each contender wants to retain him as their personal sidekick companion, all to themselves.


“What’s that you say, Sir Isaac,” said Rory, and Albert abruptly interrupts and says, “I said “Hey Roy!” to you first!” wherein Steven objects while saying, “I think it is high time that I get my rightful turn to be Rory’s sole companion for the day!”

Rory then says, “will you all stop all this infantile fighting, mates, you three are supposed to be the 3 sharpest pencils on planet earth, and you wrangle around like little kids in a sandbox, and it would be nice if you could use a few of those superior brain cells to figure out how to get along!”

“Ok, dearest super-brain, I will do,” said Albert Einstein as he looked down … his wild hair blowing all about his wrinkled head.

“How about you, Sir Steven Hawkins?” requested Rory, and before Steven could answer, Rory says, “how can you be such a great mind of our time, touted as some awe-inspiring mammoth genius, when you have such a stunted vision as to not see a great brain power behind the cosmos, like the “golden ratio” that we see everywhere in the universe, we see it in flowers and seashells, and the same ratio in galaxies, and the encrypted codes of DNA? The golden ratio is the geometric formula of order and design in all things beautiful. Are you really trying to tell me that DNA came from natural selection? Please, don’t give me the rote textbook definition; tell me what you really think! … is the original cause of the golden ratio and DNA, is it intelligence? Or is it natural selection? Which is it? Tell me man-to-man, off the record, what does that big, big brain really think? huh? Don’t you dare lie to me!”

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Stevie then whimpers and looks down at his shoes, and then he spills the following spiel, “Well you know, I do sort of see some “Intel” out there in the cosmos, some kind of designer behind it all, but you must understand, nobody can utter a politically incorrect word such as “Intel” … you know. Why, because in the scientific community, any whisper of heresy, such as “Intel” is crass suicide, it is the end of career and funding and grants, and so … don’t you see that we have to make a living? The whole academic community is controlled by some very powerful people who are greedy monsters, totally ruthless mobsters, and they think not twice about squashing little rebels who rock their boat, because they have a very heavy agenda, and trice a heavy hand, and will not tolerate some back-talking snot-nose punk, thinking he knows it all … they be known to rock-a-feller now and then … if you get my drift!!”

“I did talk about god, you know,” said Albert. “I did believe in the “pantheistic” god of Baruch Spinoza, but not in a personal god, you know, it’s difficult to comprehend a 6 foot man controlling all the planets like a puppeteer?”


“You are a little behind the times, Albert, my friend,” said Rory, “understandably so, since you died in 55, and you are stuck in the pre-1965 era, before we were given the philosophical concept of achintya from eastern teachers, namely the doctrine of “simultaneously one and different philosophy” or “achintya beda beda tattva” as propounded by Lord Shree Caitanya Mahaprabhu, and exported to the western world in mid 60’s by the elderly holy man, Sri Abhoy Charanaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami.


“The ancient texts reveal- “All the universes exist in Him, and He is present in His Fullness in every one of the atoms that is scattered through the universe, at one and the same time. … still He maintains His all-attractive medium size, manifesting His Supreme Personality in His eternal Form.”

“So you see, Albert, god is both the cosmos and a person, per the “simultaneously one and different philosophy” … you’re a smart guy, you will assimilate this sophisticated philosophy after sufficient contemplation.”

To be continued … in the next post, Rory tells Einstein about “the law of confusion” which is the methods of Maya preserving our free will, an interesting idea given by Sadaputa dasa in his “Mysteries of the Sacred Universe” book. And Sir Isaac Newton and Rory go on quest for Father Time.


And yet everything that is created does not rest in Me. Behold My mystic opulence! Although I am the maintainer of all living entities and although I am everywhere, I am not a part of this cosmic manifestation, for My Self is the very source of creation.  > Bhagavad Gita 9.5

The Cosmos is like bubbles in the sea-

Srila Prabhupada: “Just like everything material… Bhutva bhutva praliyate [Bg. 8.19]. It appears for some time like bubbles in the ocean, few seconds. Again finished. The whole cosmic manifestation in which we are millions and millions of years, it is just like a bubble in the ocean. It is just like a bubble. Bhutva bhutva praliyate [Bg. 8.19]. It is said in the Bhagavad-gita.”    << Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.5.23 —  Vrndavana, August 4, 1974

Srila Prabhupada: The Maha-Visnu is the Lord of all material creation, the Creator of countless millions of individual souls (jivas) and the source of thousands of Avataras. Maha-Visnu reposes in the vast expanse of water known as the spiritual Causal Ocean, in which He remains in a state of divine sleep called Yoga-nidra. Maha-Visnu is so boundless that in one exhalation the pores of His skin secrete bubbles containing seeds of myriad universes. With each inhalation the universes are consumed within His Body and with each exhalation they are sent forth again.   => The Avataras of Godhead

Sometimes we see a picture of Atlas holding the globe on his shoulders; he seems to be very tired, holding this great earthly planet. Such an image should not be entertained in connection with Krsna’s upholding this created universe. He says that although everything is resting on Him, He is aloof. The planetary systems are floating in space, and this space is the energy of the Supreme Lord. But He is different from space. He is differently situated. Therefore the Lord says, “Although they are situated on My inconceivable energy, as the Supreme Personality of Godhead I am aloof from them.” This is the inconceivable opulence of the Lord. => Bg 9.5 P

“The idea that one race or creed is sanctioned by the divine power, chosen by God Himself, to dominate and enslave other races, this gets the all-time mother-lode dementia award. This is a clinically insane profundity of ignorance propounded by the clerical classes of old religions, hence the religious wars.”  – Katz of Hinterland


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